National Craft Beer Festival and Competition 2010

The 2010 National Craft Beer Festival and Competition is being hosted by the Copper Dragon Brewery, Skipton, North Yorkshire. It takes place on Saturday the 18th of September 2010.


  • Light Ale/Bitter – Up to 1.040. Light to golden in colour, lightly hopped, clean, dry and refreshing with no predominant flavour.
  • Pale Ale/Best Bitter – 1.041 to 1.050. (Golden to deep copper in colour, hops in the bouquet leading to malt and grain. Full bodied, malty and grainy with a hoppy, bitter farewell. Perhaps with a little residual sweetness.
  • Strong Ale – 1.051 and over. The bouquet should be malty and fruity, backed with a good hop aroma. A full bodied blend of malt, hops and alcohol with some residual sweetness.
  • Strong Dark Beers – 1.050 and over. Any dark beer. Please specify style on entry form.
  • Dry Stout – 1.045 to 1.060. The bouquet and flavour of roasted grains. Full and dry with a long, hard, bitter finish
  • India Pale Ale – 1.050 to 1.075. Hoppy, alcaholic and grainy bouquet. Full bodied, malty and grainy with a prominant hop and a clean, bitter farewell. Some residual sweetness to balance the hop.
  • Speciality Beers – Any beer not mentioned above. E.g. lager, wheat, barley wine, fruit, Belgian, mild etc. Please specify style on entry form
  • Inter-Regional Competition – Pale Ale 1.050 to 1.060. Only one by six bottle entry from each region. No fee required


  • All beers to have been made by the competitor
  • Volume required – Bottles 3 ltr/6 pints or a minimum of 5 ltrs draught for each class.
  • Bottles may be labelled, except the one to be judged which should be clean of all labels and distinguishing marks. Crown, srewed or swing top closures only.
  • Draught containers to be labelled on the rear.
  • Competitors may enter more than one entry in each class except the Inter Regional Championship.

Please Note

  • Judges feedback will be provided for each entry
  • Beers will be offered for sampling to other competitors and visitors after judging.
  • Care will be taken of all exhibits but the organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss or breakage.
  • All bottles/Cornelius kegs not claimed at the end of the show will be disposed of.
  • Judging will be carried out by beer judges of the National Guild or a Federation approved judge and, in addition, commercail brewers of distinction will be invited.
  • Judges my enter may enter any class but cannot award themselves a placing.
  • All judges’ rulings and placings will be final.
  • Entry forms available here. All Entry Forms to be Submitted by the 10th of September 2010