25th of May 2014

Ok so we’ve had another great evening tonight. The beers started off with a 1.033 mild from Phil. In fact Phil brought two versions with the only difference being that one was conditioned at room temperature (it’s been 25 C this week) and the other being conditioned in the garage. The garage conditioned beer (at about 10C) produced a cleaner beer with a lovely chocolatey flavour whereas the one conditioned at room temperature had some fusel alcohols and was a little thin. It’s worth bearing this in mind with your own brews.

In addition to this was a mild by Sara that had a slight sourness about it. The nose suggested brown malt but this was probably the only malt Sara didn’t use as this was a “clearout” beer. Still, it wasn’t a bad beer. Next was one by Tom that had a strong, but not overpowering, caramel flavour and was very well received by all. There was mention of toffee apples and “bonfire toffee” (must be a Northern thing).

Mark had brewed a mild from a Graham Wheeler recipe. Interestingly this recipe stated a mash temperature of 63C. The resulting beer was a little thin with not much flavour but it was generally agreed that it was an entirely quaffable beer that we’d be pleased to pay good money for.

Then there was Michael’s mild. This was a fabulous beer which contained brown malt and amber malt. As such it had a wonderful aroma but didn’t necessarily fit with the “Mild” theme although what’s a mild anyway? That covers pretty much all the mild but we also had two pale ales from Michael. Both from the same gyle but one was kegged whereas the other was dry hopped, casked then bottled later. The dry hopped, casked beer had a much more rounded flavour and this observation was reinforced by Phil’s experience of dry hopping in the cask.