August 31st 2014 – “Freestyle”

This was the much anticipated Peoples Pint (anything less that 2.8% alcohol) meeting. Many of us were quite excited about this because it took us out of the comfort zone. Most of the beers brewed were pale ales of some sort.

Michael brought a quite hoppy pale ale which had a toffee flavour (some thought was diacetyl) and was quite acidic. John K suggested it was infected and investigation after the meeting showed that there was a tenacious deposit on the side of the bottle it was presented in, so he may well have been right.

Mark’s beer was sulphury from the hops(?) and quite thin.

Jon’s beer had very good condition! It’s hop flavour developed quite late.

John K showed a hoppy pale ale with plenty of flavour from Amarillo hops. This elicited the usual split feelings depending on whether you like cat pee/grapefruit in your beer or not!

Phil had taken a different route and made a un-stout “stout”. This was roasty and smooth but the flavour left quickly.

Scott brought a very large bottle of his PP. As he had commented on the forum it seemed that someone had stolen the flavour. This was a very interesting tasting session which amply illustrated the difficulty in brewing a low gravity beer. In fact we elected not to chose a beer of the month because there was not one that we felt was good enough. Apart from the probable infection there were no major faults with the beers all they just lacked something (probably alcohol). Having said that my un-infected Cornie of PP is going down quite well.

We had a few other beers to try. Phil brought an AK which was a bit thin and acidic from the use of US-05 as the yeast. Michael brought a Weizen which was meant to be “hefe” but insisted and becoming “kristall”. Too much clove and not enough banana in the flavour profile but otherwise quite nice, even if I say so myself. Mark N brought his World Cup beer which was estery but balanced and featured First Gold hops. Finally John K brought another bottle of his Black IPA which had become much less hoppy with a further months ageing since the last meeting.