All recipes have been brewed by club members and have received positive feedback at club meetings. All assume a 75% efficiency and a 23l brewlength and all are downloadable in the following formats:


The recipe format should be fairly self-explanatory but, for clarity, they include…..

The volume, expected gravity, colour (EBC), and bitterness (IBU) is listed.

The fermentables are indicated by Type (Colour EBC), weight, percentage of total fermentable (by weight).

Hops and Spices
Hops are shown by Name, Alpha acid, weight, time in boil.

Hop utilisation has been set to the “Tinseth” settings (as all programs have this option) and increased utilisation for first wort hopping has been ignored. Even so the OG and IBUs for the various recipes files vary slightly because of the differences in the software.

Where permission has been granted, the poster can be contacted by clicking on their name within their recipe. Where this permission has not been given any questions regarding recipes can be directed to the club by clicking by contacting us.